Presque Isle Wooden Boat Show
Presque Isle Wooden Boat Show

"Fleetwood Mac"

Owner: The Presque Isle Wooden Boat Show

Fleetwood mac detail

1958 century Arabian 23rd of 30 built in 1958, original sold to Robert Shaw of Grand Rapids, MI. The boat was purchased from Dr. Baker in the UP in 2003 in fair condition with the wrong interior and many added hardware fittings on the deck. Kyle Barton of Barton Boat Works restored the boat from 2004-2005 and maintains it for us. CD's Engine Service refreshed the motor and rebuilt the carbs.

Hull sides and covering boards are original, the bottom was replaced with a tradition bottom before we purchased it. It is stored and hauled in a custom enclosed trailer to keep it in top condition as it is used frequently all over the country.

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